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Internet Online

Advanced Network Settings :

These options are for users that wish to change the LAN settings. We do not recommend changing these settings from factory default. Chaning these settings may affect the behavior of your network.


Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) supports peer-to-peer Plug and Play functionality for network devices.

Enable UPnP :   


If you enable this feature, the WAN port of your router will respond to ping requests from the Internet that are sent to the WAN IP Address.

Enable WAN Ping Respond :   



If you are having difficulties playing some online games - please enable this mode.

Enable GAMING mode :   
Helpful Hints..

 •  For added security, it is recommended that you disable the WAN Ping Respond option. Ping is often used by malicious Internet users to locate active networks or PCs.

 •  Gaming Mode should be used when you are playing games on the Internet from behind the router.

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